About HVD

Who is HVACDirect?

HvacDirect is an online only store set up by hvac professionals to provide you, the HVAC engineer, with quality and competitive prices for tools, accessories and a wide variety of refrigeration products, in a quick and above all easy process. 

We at HVACDirect work differently. We save you money, we expressly bypass the fancy store fronts, bypass the middle man and provide a seamless connection between you, the end user, and the principle manufacturer or agent what ever the case may be. How do we do this? Well, we have contracts in place with big brands such as Javac, Fieldpiece and Imperial to name a few whereby we spend a set amount monthly to get cheaper prices on products. These cheap prices are then on forwarded to you the end-user, contractors, etc, eliminating a few steps of the selling channel resulting in lower prices than those from wholesalers.

We aim to be the future of online wholesale business, and becoming a one-stop-shop for many HVAC engineers. 

We will aim to develop and grow our range of service tools and accessories day by day. Therefore making available exciting known premium brands that you as professionals are used to. We are not about cheap copies from Asia, which tend to fail after a few uses. We will bring you quality brands, backed by us and the manufacturer or manufacturers representatives in Australia. Your warranty is secured and fully supported Australia wide.

Thank you for considering us, we'd love to hear your feedback and if your happy with what we offer please tell your friends and colleagues.  


HvacDirect featuring in Javac Pty Ltd artwork for ARBS 2018 trade-show in Sydney. It was great to get our name out there, and since becoming Javac's preferred distributors business has really been booming.