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Refrigeration Install Package

AUD$768.90 (inc. GST)
KIT- 13

Vacuum Pump

Our top selling Vacuum Pump Series is a quality, two stage oil rotary vane pump with 15 micron ultimate vacuum.  
Ideal for general refrigeration service, this Model 45L/min and is packed with the features below.  
Bottleshops and convenient stores
Restaurants , cafes and catering facilities
General refrigeration
Household or residential including split systems 

Key Benefits  
Manufactured to JAVAC high quality standards Great value for money  Anti-oil demister to prevent oil spillage Fitted with 1/4" SAE connector  
Brand:  HVD 
Model:  100kg Refrigerant Scale
Part Number:  LMC200

Whats Included:


LMC-200 Refrigerant Charging Scale Carry Bag with extra Storage Pockets Shoulder Strap Instruction Manual 
Weighing operation:

1.Take out the scale from the package and place it on firm and level surface
2.Draw out the spiral line of the hand-held device from the side of the scale
3.Press the "power" button on the hand-held device, the buzzer will beep once indicating self-test is finished.
4.Press"unit"to switch between "Kg","Oz"and"Lb".
5.Press"zero"to zero (tare) the scale
6.Place the refrigerant tank in the center of the scale platform; zero (tare) it again to display the weight of refrigerant.
7.Observe the change of refrigerant weight real time during charging and recovery.

Over range indication:
If the weight applied to the weighing platform exceeds the maximum weight (100kg), characters "full" will appear on the screen and red LED will flash to indicate alarm.
To prevent damage to the scale and sensor, please do not place objects over 100kg on the scale platform
Battery level indicator:
The battery power is indicated in segments, which reduce with power consumption until the frame of flashes, Later on the LCD will become unstable.
Please change batteries before the LCD indicates unstable in case error message affects the normal use of the scale. 
Other functions:
1.Power-on self - test: it lasts less than 2s.
2.Tare deduction in full range (100kg)
3.The LCD displays numbers from high digit to low digit. The digit that exceeds the digit range will not be displayed
4.Auto off: If the weight on the platform does not change for 10 minutes, the scale turns off automatically.

Leak Detector

LD-100 Refrigerant Leak Detector offers the greatest sensitivity and fastest response of any portable refrigerant detector available.   This is achieved through the employment of a high sensitive semi-conductive sensor combined with a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled circuit.
  In addition to the supreme performance and functional advantages, it offers an unique designed shape to provide greater ease of use and comfort.

Sensor type: Semi-conductive sensor
Minimum Sensitivity: 3g/yr
Response time:<3s
Warm up time:<60s
Ambient Environment:
Temperature: 0?~50?;Humidity:< 80%RH(non condensing)
Application of refrigerant:
It will respond to all halogenated (including Chlorine of Fluorine) refrigerants. This includes, but is not limited to:
CFCs                    e.g.R12,R11,R500,R503 etc
HCFCs                 e.g.R22,R123,R124,R502 etc
HFCs                    e.g.R134a,R404a,R410A,R407C etc
CH                        R600a

Display method: Highlight LED display
One-touch reset and six-level adjustable sensitivity
True mechanical pump provides instant response and clearing
Battery level indication
Sensor failure indication
Three 1.5V AA high-energy battery
Unique shape design
Flexible stainless probe

HVAC Tool Kit

Manifold Gauge
Part Number: ZR-M50336A 
Refrigerants: R410a, R22, R134a, R404a
Anti Collision cover for Gauge Protection
Operation: 2 Valve with Sight Glass
Port Size: 1/4" SAE Connections

Tube Flaring Tool
Heavy Duty eccentric Cone Flaring 
Steel Design
Bar Lock
Hardened steel Bearings

Flaring Bar Metric
Tube Sizes: 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 16 - 19mm

Flaring Bar Imperial
Tube Sizes: 1/4" - 5/16" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 5/8" - 3/4"

Tube Cutter
6 x Roller Bearing for easy turning
Large Wheel for easy Cutting
Tube Size: 4 - 32mm

Tube Bender
Designed to easily bend three different sizes of soft copper tubing with the same tool 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 or (6.35mm, 7.93mm, 9.52mm)
Bend radius 15/16" (23.81mm)
A 180° start angle minimizes effort required to form a bend.
Handy reference marks indicate the angle for quick bends through to 180°
For bending soft copper, brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other thin metals
New fixed hook tube bender has easy 90° Start-require much less effort to make fast, accurate bends.
Calibrated markings with shown angle of bend. Wide hook grips for tugging securely
Ideal for plumbing HVAC applications

Tube Flaring Kit

Model: CT-1226AL
Package Weight : 1.5 kg


A good quality 3 piece set that is very versatile for use on Aluminium & Copper Piping, Brake & Fuel Lines, Cooling and Transmission lines. Used for soft pliable metals such as copper and aluminium, these will allow those pipes and joins to be made with ease. Flaring tools provide a water tight fitting and come with industry standard measurements on the tool. They are rated highly upon their ability to form tight fittings.

Set in a handy PVC carry storage case

Package Content:

1 x 45° Flare Tool
1 x Imperial flare bar size - 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8",7/16", 1/2", 5/8".
1 x Tube Cutter 1/8"---1 - 1/8"(4 - 28mm)
1 x Hand carrying plastic case

Digital Thermometer

Technical parameter:
Measuring range: -50°C-- +300°C 
Distinguish: 0.1°C
Accuracy : ±1°C(-20°C~+120°C)
±5°C(other range)
Power: DC1.5V 7#alkaline battery (optional)
Product size: 107×66×24mm
Length of prope pole is 198mm
Screen size: 33.5×14.5mm

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