VETO Tool Bags

  • Veto Pro Pac Tech LC

    Veto Pro Pac Tech LC

    VETO PRO PAC TECH LC TOOL BAG The Tech LC is a service technician version of the original Model LC. A number of changes have been made to tailor the bag to accommodate HVAC service technicians’ tools and work routines. The Tech LC sports 53...

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  • Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT

    Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT

    The Tech MCT is small, lightweight and perfect for troubleshooting, diagnostics and job specific setups and offers 44 interior and exterior pockets for handling tools, meters, and a compact cordless drill/driver compartment. The Tech MCT allows...

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  • Veto Tech Pac 1

    Veto Tech Pac 1

    VETO PRO PAC TECH PAC 1 TOOL BAG Designed to enable the safe and comfortable transport of a variety of tools when servicing equipment accessible by extension or cage ladders, or in cities or industrial buildings where walking long distances is required,...

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